The greatest sources of vitamins and minerals – berries and fruits, as well as mushrooms with great nutritional value – are the seasonal products, pampering the human body just a few months per year. However, UAB Dariles engaged in wholesale trade in berries, fruits and mushrooms uses the most advanced high-quality technologies in order to supply the large amounts of frozen, salted, dried mushrooms, as well as frozen fruit production throughout the year. During the season of mushrooms, berries and fruit Dariles ensures the provision of the freshest production in Lithuania and throughout Europe.

  • Trade in berries. We are proud to present to our customers a very wide range of berries: blueberries, cranberries, red bilberries, sea buckthorns, and supply the products in great amounts. We are engaged in wholesale trade in frozen berries all year round. Using the most advanced technology to freeze berries, we preserve the maximum value of the products as well as natural fruit properties.
  • Trade in mushrooms. Chanterelles, boletuses, champignons – we sale these mushrooms not only during the mushroom season. UAB Dariles offers you the production of fresh and frozen, dried or salted mushrooms. Our company uses the most advanced preservation technologies; therefore, we supply frozen, salted and dried mushrooms – the forest products of maximum value – in particularly large amounts throughout the year.
  • Trade in fruit. Dariles is engaged in wholesale trade in fresh fruit. We take care of exceptional quality of the products and ensure only timely harvest, freshness of apples and pears, richness and environmental friendliness.

In addition to the trade in berries, mushrooms and fruit production, we offer high-quality fast delivery of goods. We also provide the customers with warehousing services ensuring complete security of goods. We sort and pack the goods according to customer’s needs. UAB Dariles maximally takes into account the wishes and requests of the customers, and also takes care of product and service quality.

Dariles wholesale in berries, mushrooms and fruit is always of good quality; it can be carried out in very large amounts and sorted according to the needs of customers.